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4CA Consulting & Reconstruction LLC, established in 2009 is a multifaceted Crash Reconstruction Limited Libility Coprporation. We are able to quickly respond to the scene of a variety of traffic related crashes involving all types of motor and non-motor vehicles. Kevin W. Forcier SR, Owner and Reconstruction Specialist as well as a Nationally Certified Accident Reconstructionist with ACTAR # 2054 has been reconstructing crash scenes for over 25 years. He has conducted hundreds of reconstructions  and testified and an expert in the field of crash reconstruction. Mr.Forcier retired from the Pennsylvania State Police with the rank of corporal  in 2010 after 25 years of service to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where he was responsible for over 3300 square miles of N-W Pennsylvania and 430,000 citizens. 4CA Consulting is dedicated to conducting unbiased and honest investigations based on the facts of the case.

Company Data

4CA Consulting & Reconstruction LLC conducts detailed investigations and reconstructions of Traffic Crashes involving light trucks, buses, passenger vehicles, pedestrians / bicycles and motorcycles. We also conduct crash data retrieval from the vehicle's airbag control modules and data contained in the vehicle's infotainment systems. Occupant injury kinematics analysis, time distance and drag factor analysis with the use of the Vericom and V-Box Sport Systems, etc. Traffic Studies, scene documentation with digital photographs and the use of the Leica MS50 scanning total station. Scene analysis as well as animations with the use of FARO Reality and FARO Zone 3D software. Expert reports are prepard at the request of our clients for investigative documentation.

Available Resources

  • Mobile Office / Response Vehicle with onboard scene power
  • Onboard tools and saftey equipment and signage
  • Leica MS50 Mapping System with Scanner
  • Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System
  • Tesla EDR Retrieval System (May 2018)
  • Berla iVe ; Data Retrieval System
  • FARO Reality CAD Mapping and Animation Software
  • FARO  Zone 3D CAD Mapping and Animation Software 

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4CA Consulting & Reconstruction LLC

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